1) Project Feasibility

Allegheny Builders will conduct (free of charge) an on-site survey meeting to assess current site conditions and discuss construction or remodeling plans. Any potential site or construction issues will be identified. Issues may include, but are not limited to building code or zoning issues, storm water management issues, utilities, etc.

2) Architectural Design

Allegheny Builders will develop an Architectural Design using only local reputable Architects with a proven history and documented project portfolio. If you already have an Architect selected, Allegheny Builders will have no problem working directly with the firm of your choice.

3) Budgeting and Value Engineering

Allegheny Builders will provide preliminary budgeting (free of charge) at the beginning and again at various stages of your project. Allegheny will always work with you to offer value engineering opportunities to create cost savings or increased value to your investment. Allegheny Builders will continue to work with you and monitor all project costs to ensure there are no surprises or unexpected costs.

4) Construction Management & Crew Supervision

Continuity from Design to Budget to Construction is the value added differentiator for Allegheny Builders. You will work with a single and consistent project manager and construction crew to ensure a seamless and smooth transition from one project phase to the next. Nothing is lost from design to build and the end result is exactly what you envisioned at the quality you expect.

5) Construction

Allegheny Builders offers stability in a proven and trusted staff with many years of successful build and remodel projects. Complimenting this core staff is a network of trusted local subcontractors each proven in their trade of expertise. These construction teams are time tested and understand the quality standards demanded by Allegheny Builders.